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How To Stimulate Fat Loss

Updated: May 21, 2019

Statistics show that losing weight is the number 1 goal for most people in 2017.

It is disheartening to see so many people who are busting their ass off in the gym and yet, don’t have the results to show for as they look the same year in year out.

Losing fat can be a difficult and frustrating process if you don’t have the right strategies and know-how.

In this article, we will look at how you can stimulate fat loss fast and burn those fats once and for all.

Let’s jump right in!

3 Ways to Stimulate Fat Loss..

#1 - Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (“IF”) is one of the most effective ways of dieting to lose fat. The basic principle of IF is you will have periods of eating and fasting. For example, the most common and simplest form of IF is you will eat for 8 hours, and then fast for the next 16 hours.

Research has shown that intermittent fasting increases insulin sensitivity (i.e decrease insulin production) on the whole body and lead to improvements in metabolic function.

As we eat, our body’s insulin levels increase, and when insulin levels are high, it is harder for the body to burn fat. This can be overcome by entering the fasted state as lower levels of insulin facilitate fat loss.

Also, by only eating in an 8-hour window, you will indirectly prevent overeating as you consume lesser meals, which will help to reduce your daily caloric intake.

If you still have doubts over the effectiveness of IF, Hugh Jackman had personally used intermittent fasting to achieve his “Hollywood body” and prepare for his role as Wolverine. If you are looking for the best superhero diet, this is it!  

#2 – Perform High-Intensity Interval Training (“HIIT”)

One of the most common mistakes people make for cardio is to perform low-intensity cardio on the treadmill for hours. Not only is this ineffective in terms of weight loss, you are actually wasting your time in the gym.

Let’s look at the research comparing the effectiveness of fat loss for HIIT and the traditional way of performing low-intensity cardio. Research has shown that during a 15 weeks period, HIIT produces a significant reduction in total fat mass as compared to low-intensity cardio.

The principle of HIIT is you alternate between periods of high intensity and low intensity. Go for 30 seconds of high-intensity burst, and followed by 1-minute of low intensity. 

You can apply the principle of HIIT for various exercises such as sprinting, swimming, cycling, boxing, and jump rope. Instead of doing your cardio for hours without seeing results, you only need 26 minutes to complete the HIIT session.

Here’s the time allocation:

•3 minutes warm up

•20 minutes HIIT

•3 minutes warm down

To get the best results, perform your HIIT 3 times a week to accelerate fat loss.

#3 – Supplement with Fish Oil

Fish oil has become one of the most popular supplements in the fitness industry. Fish oil is the oil that is extracted from the fish tissue and provides a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that when fish oil is taken with the combination of regular exercise, it can help to promote weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Also, if you have existing joint pains, studies show that fish oil can help to reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Before you purchase a fish oil supplement, look at how many milligrams of EPA and DHA there is in each serving. Ideally, you will want to get a minimum of 300 milligrams of EPA and DHA per serving.


Transforming your body won’t happen overnight, but you can stimulate fat loss a lot faster if you consistently apply the 3 ways discussed above.

So go ahead and lose those fats to get shredded.

Over to You

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the 3 ways to stimulate fat loss?

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