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Group Training For Long Term Fat loss

Fed up of trying to lose weight all on your own? 

Does this sound like you? You’re unhappy with your weight, so you decide to pluck up some motivation and take on a gym membership.

Your exercise plan in the gym looks like 45 minutes to an hour of cardio, a few resistance machines and 100 crunches? 

You cut back on the foods you've been eating so much of for the past few years, skipping breakfast and drinking 3-4 cups of green tea?

At the beginning you can see some positive change dropping a fewlbs and a little more increased energy. However, after a few weeks you continue the routine, but no changes. You begin to get a little worried so you increase your cardio and try eating less. Still no progress and by now the frustration is kicking in, motivation has dropped off and you can’t seem to drop any more weight.

If that sounds like you, then continue reading as I have the answers for you.

You see it takes hard work to make any form of change there’s no doubt about that. Your intentions show that you are willing to make that change. It’s just that you’ve been channelling it all in the wrong direction.

Same Journey as others

That’s where Group Training is your solutionto creating a long-term fat loss path. Not only are you investing in a trainer’s knowledge and expertise, but also sharing your experience with other people who are all on the same journey.

High Motivation

Training within a group is highly effective in your rate of success when it comes to long-term fat loss. It adds the element of social inclusion so you can have fun and build relationships with those on the same journey. Your motivation is greater because you become part of a team, and who doesn’t like a bit of friendly competition.

If we look back at our school days we all trained in groups, unless we were injured or left our kit at home. Your goals are near enough the same but with just a few tweaks here and there, group training allows you to network with so many people alike.


Training alone means you tend to stick to the same methods you know. Which can eventually lead to boredom and frustration, especially if your not seeing any results. So here's another reason to look up classes, as they add variety to your training, making it fun and intensive. Time flies when your having fun.

Cost Effective

Another huge advantage is the cost and flexibility and as most one to one services have a huge price attached. Group traininghas become more cost effective saving you as much as two thirds on your training, giving you access to quality coaching at much lower prices.

If you want to find out more about some of the classes from JDarPT click here.

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