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Eat carbohydrates to melt fat and grow muscle! Why aren’t you eating them?

When it comes to losing weight; carbohydrates single handedly bring about many misconceptions and myths, confusing us all!  

There are many techniques used to shift stubborn areas of fat; particularly around the stomach for men and hips and thigh area for women. I'm going to discuss how you can actually use techniques that involve consuming more carbohydrate and still melt fat and build muscle

Eat more carbs? You say....

Firstly, let's identify the people that would benefit from this information. If you've already taken a hit by eliminating your carbohydrates, shifted some fat but are now stuck then this applies to you!

So the question lies, why would you start to eat more carbohydrates, when all you’ve done at this point is cut them out?

The key thing here is you made an initial adjustment to your eating habits to get to where you are now. It only makes sense that if you wish to burn those last few stubborn areas of fat you’re going to have to make another adjustment.

So you’ve practically eliminated all ‘bad’ carbohydrates from your diet besides the healthy fibrous vegetables you’re still eating- Well, have you? Do you still have the odd High calorie meal, if so how much and how often? This may be the first starting point as to why you can’t shift the last bits off. You may be over consuming on the high calorie meals so go back and monitor your intake.

On the other hand, your high calorie meals are controlled and your vegetable intake is pretty good, but you’re still not getting anywhere, so you decide to reduce your vegetable intake. This could be damaging because the calories are already low and you'll be losing out on essential nutritional benefits, thus leading to an under consumption of total calorie intake, disastrous for your health and fat loss.

The truth..

Reintroducing ‘nutritionally dense’ complex carbohydrates in to your diet may be the missing factor to boost your metabolism and getting your fat loss mission back on track. Some examples of these nutritionally dense complex carbohydrates are: rice, potatoes, oats and yam all ideal for boosting your metabolism and fighting fat.

You may think at first these are the enemy and have been staying away from them for so long they can’t possibly do you any good. Well in fact it is the overconsumption of these carbohydrates for your body type that results in fat being stored in the first place! In theory you should still be having some of the above carbohydrate because certain hormones in the body require these forms of carbohydrate that can actually be used to maintain healthy brain chemistry gearing you toward burning fat and growing muscle

How much should I be eating?

As well as providing energy for the body to function, carbohydrates actually aid in muscle growth and can be utilised to burn fat effectively. However, if like me you’re on the sensitive side to carbohydrates you’re most likely going to take a low to moderate approach to consuming them (if fat loss is your goal). How much exercise will really dictate the amount you have, so start by having anywhere between 50-120g. It is best to try and experiment with those limits in relation to your exercise schedule for a week, and then revisit.

When should I be eating carbohydrates?

The best time to consume carbohydrates is after exercise when your muscles are sensitive to up taking nutrients. The intensity of your exercise will also play a factor in the overall intake of carbohydrates. For example, you’re better off eating carbohydrates after an intense resistance workout as opposed to a light walk round the block.

Again this factor is dependent on your schedule so if it’s in the morning or late at night you exercise, don’t worry and get those carbs in!

To sum it all up, reintroduce carbohydrates only if you’re at a stage where you have the last few stubborn fat areas to shift. Opt for wholesome non processed carbohydrates to provide the nutrients you need to burn fat and grow muscle. The amount you have are case dependant so adjust accordingly to the way you feel and monitor results. Time them well around your most intense training sessions to optimise muscle gains and fat loss.

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