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All or Nothing- Perfect formula for Fat loss?

Are you one of those people who like to give an "All or Nothing" approach when it comes to a new diet or exercise plan?

If so, how has that worked out for you? If your continuously using that approach and don't seem to be getting anywhere, have a read below..

I find it difficult to understand when I have new client's starting out to adopt the "all or nothing" attitude. They usually dive into a complete new makeover; from doing none or very little exercise to three or four times a week. Skipping meals and eating junk food to heading straight into eating salads and fruit. Eating so "perfectly healthy" that it makes me question how well I eat. On the other side to the coin when missing a workout or eating ‘bad’ food it throws them off for a few days and can turn into weeks.

My question is can you still lose fat, drop inches and remain fit and healthy with a more balanced approach?

The first thing you have to ask yourself is what it is you want. For example, are you looking to drop a few pounds, increase health and be more physically active around the kids, or are you prepping for a competition? You see I’m not dismissing the all or nothing approach it’s just that you have to apply it in it’s rightful context.

As mentioned earlier someone who is just starting out; having the all or nothing approach may be attractive at first until you encounter your first glitch. The issue here is you’ve already set your standards and expectations so high, not realising this is the perfect recipe for disaster. When you don’t achieve results you start to fill yourself with negative thoughts and discourage from training and eating healthier all together. So adopting a more of a balanced approach that takes things step by step may far well be suited for you.

Now everyone’s form of balance will be different depending on what stage of fat loss you’re currently in. For example, a balanced approach for me is training and eating well throughout the week, I give myself a day off at the weekend to indulge in food that I typically would not have in the week. When I indulge it is planned so I never feel guilty or dismiss myself from training or eating well the next day. This approach for me is far better than the all or nothing example and it can be for you too. Creating new habits can take time to learn and you have to trial and make mistakes before you find your balance.

I’m going to leave you with an analogy to think about for your own health and fitness journey.

The process of burning fat is a lot like the take off and flight of an aeroplane. Some people take a long time to get off the ground. Instead of patiently waiting out the storm, they quit before reaching take off speed. Others get off the ground, but as soon as they hit turbulence, they quit and ‘land the plane’. Some people even manage to coast comfortably toward their destination, making substantial progress. But the minute they find themselves off course, they also join the quitters instead of simply adjusting their direction.

All these people made the same fatal mistake of interpreting their results as failure. Because they believed they had failed, they gave up. Can you imagine if a pilot quit every time there was a delay, turbulence, or a slight deviation in the planes course? No one would ever get anywhere! The key to your success starts with a mental re-frame.

There is no such thing as failure- only feedback and results (Venuto, T; Burn the Fat Feed the muscle)

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