Frequently Asked Questions

What is JDarPT Personal Training and what does it offer?

JDarPT is a unique personal training service helping people build and reshape their lives. JDarPT offers a range of training services from one to one, group training and studio classes. Also offering nutritional and coaching support to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What is the JDarPT system?

Using a multidisciplinary approach, JDarPT uses components from science geared towards programming your journey and finding out what works best for you. This can be from weight loss/ fat loss, building muscle & strength, injury prevention or regaining confidence.

How is JDarPT different from any regular gym?

JDarPT delivers unique personal and group training programs in a in a private studio. There’s no shortage of motivation amongst the JDarPT members, who get nutritional support in addition to the thrilling sessions. The JDarPT experience is not just another public gym!

How is JDarPT different from doing it myself?

As a member of JDarPT you'll receive exclusive access to our members area, including training, nutrition and everyday lifestyle habits to improve your wellbeing. There’s so much health information, and it’s easy to get confused. By having a qualified and experienced team to guide you through the process, you can avoid the common mistakes people make and fast track results.

How is JDarPT different from finding a free workout online?

Most of the online workouts or nutrition programs are designed to be generic. We are all different and one plan is not going to get the best results for everyone. It makes sense to have different options to play with, but what if you’ve tried them all? JDarPT can design and implement a program that’s specific to you. The team will coach you through the process so you can understand exactly what works for you.

Why is JDarPT the number one fitness company?

JDarPT produces results. The team is passionate about the fitness industry is constantly seeking new ways to improve their practices. JDarPT cares for every client, regardless of what level they begin their fitness journey.

How do I get started with JDarPT?

Head over to the Get Started page, fill in your details and we'll get back to you to arrange a face-to-face consultation within 24 hours.

I’ve never exercised is JDarPT for me?

Yes! JDarPT caters to all abilities, through one-on-one personal training, or group sessions. JDarPT has you covered.

How many people attend the Group Training program?

JDarPT has two main group training plans; One for beginners/intermediate that holds up to 16 participants and the second training plan for advanced participants holds 8 places.

Do I have to join a 6-Week plan?

We recommend anyone starting out to try one of the 6-Week options. You’ll get a taste for most of our services and find out what works best for you.

Are there any pay as you go options?

Pay as you go options are exclusive to weekend classes. All other programs are monthly membership payments for a minimum 3 months.

Do you provide nutrition support?

Yes, nutrition is key for results. We provide access to the JDarPT Nutrition Tracker, that will aid your nutritional habits and results. We are also committed to educating our clients following a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

How long will the consultation take, do I need to wear gym clothes?

The consultation process usually takes around 30minutes. We carry out a pre-assessment before starting your plan. Come prepared in your gym clothes.

How many sessions do I need to attend?

Sessions vary as we have many 6-Week options available. We will recommend a plan based on your goals and availability.

What type of training do your classes offer?

At JDarPT you’ll experience classes like no other before. From High Intensity Interval Training, strength resistance training, and boxing we combine elements of training to provide a first-class training experience.

What are the opening times?

JDarPT is not a commercial gym and we do not operate like one. Our opening times are based on training sessions and workshops. Unless you are a member paying a membership fee, you are unable to turn up and train. See the contact page for more information about opening hours.

Will there be someone present in the sessions to help me?

Yes, both our group, and one-on-one training sessions have experienced coaches on hand to guide you through the workout.

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